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We supply Aquatabs® water purification tablets and Aquatabs® water purification system in Bangladesh as well as across Asian countries. Products are manufactured by Medentech Ltd, Ireland and trusted across the world.
We also ensure quality supply of general goods and services i.e. water testing kits, hygiene kits, dignity kits, design & printing, multimedia production as requirement of the clients.
The experts of the firm are always wholehearted to make the goods and services easy embracing to the clients. So, write to purplefrogbd@gmail.com or call at +8801979422578 (mobile & WhatsApp) for your requirement.

Feature Products

Aquatabs® NaDCC water purification tablets

Aquatabs® are the world’s most recognised and largest selling brand of water purification tablets. They are effervescent (self-dissolving) tablets, the US EPA approved active ingredient is NaDCC which is also known as Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate or Troclosene Sodium.
Aquatabs® tablets are available in the strengths of 3.5mg, 8.5mg, 17mg, 33mg, 67mg; 167mg, 1.67gm, 2.5gm & 8.68gm depending on the volume and nature of water to be treated, the above sized tablets are suitable for volumes of water ranging from1 litre to 2,000 litres. The tablets are presented in strips of 10 tablets with a shelf life of 5 years or tub packed with a shelf life of 3 years.

Aquatabs® InLine

Aquatabs® InLine, the low cost water disinfection system designed to disinfect 360,000 litres of water @ 2ppm can be easily connected to existing water tank pipelines in villages where access to safe to drink water is an essential requirement. Depending on water quality, Aquatabs® InLine can be easily adjusted to meet the ppm levels required in any situation

Aquatabs Flo®

Aquatabs Flo® is a low cost water purification system. It brings the chemistry of Aquatabs from “point-of-use” so that water is purified at “point of entry”. It is designed to disinfect 180,000 litres of water @ 2ppm. A patented design, its simplicity works on the flow of the water with no power, moving parts or maintenance required. Aquatabs Flo® is USEPA approved for drinking water.

Our Services

General supply

To carry on the business of trading, general order suppliers and dealers in general merchandise, commodities, articles and goods, buy, sell, all description whatsoever.

Printing and packaging Printed stationery

Book, notebook, booklet, newsletter, poster, sticker, journal, leaflet, flyer, envelop, magazine, brochure, business card, diary, calendar, PVC print, screen print, Digital ID card, foil print etc.

Multimedia & visual communication

Development of docudrama, documentary, interactive communication, software etc.

Interior design and Event management

Backdrop, stall and pavilion design.

Social Research

Conduct issue based research as well as project baseline, midterm and end line evaluation, need assessment survey, market survey.



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Ethical consideration: "Purplefrog" avoids any subversive nature that could potentially violate individual rights. Besides, the organization avoids contact with individuals, formal and informal entities whose values, ethical and moral groundings are contradictory to the spirit of the country, societal norms and values, and violation of rights and entitlements. The firm adhere the 'National Child Protection Policy 2011' since its business debut. The organization does not employ any individual below 18 years of age. The firm avoids any working relationship with any entity/individual who directly or indirectly attempts to spiral the worst forms of child labor. Even the firm discards business relation with any entity where the worst forms of child labor exists.

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